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The Royal Fanzine is a kaleidoscope of royal-themed creativity and diversity founded by Ashley Michael, Marcia Tracy, and Natalia Corbalan.

The Royal Fanzine is a kaleidoscope of royal-themed creativity and diversity founded by Ashley Michael, Marcia Tracy, and Natalia Corbalan. Marcia Tracy is the reigning Editor-in-Chief and "voice" of the 'Zine.

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The Queen breaking into laughter as She passes Her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, standing outside the Buckingham Palace, 2005

she’s so cute

anytime the queen goes past any of her family she just pisses herself laughing, i love it


^Actually, he’s on stamps too….

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Royal Fandom Unity Project #7: Spring Scavenger Hunt

Rules: Complete as many of these as you can by the deadline of April 23, 2014. Submit your findings to Royal Fandom Unity on (or before) that date. One point will be awarded for every completion, with 1 bonus point for each proof provided (a photo of your 3 dogs, ticket stubs from a concert, etc). Proof might not be available for all tasks. When making your submission, please provide the URL’s of those that fulfilled each task. Ex: Ready4Royalty plays the piano (I do not, fyi). **You cannot use yourself to fulfill these qualifications.**

You may not advertise your own qualifications, you have to be approached by someone or find things out through conversation. You cannot post “I am an only child with a bald dad and I play the piano!”. You basically have to play it like a game of Go Fish.


Person A: Hi! Do you watch Downton Abbey?

Person B: Nope. Are you left-handed? 

Person A: Yes!

Person A then gets to check off #10 and Person B gets to check off #8.

Find someone who:

  1. is an only child
  2. had stitches in 2014
  3. was born in the fall
  4. plays/played a sport in high school
  5. enjoys golfing
  6. has 2 brothers 
  7. is allergic to strawberries 
  8. is left-handed
  9. shares a birthday with a royal 
  10. does not watch Downton Abbey
  11. has broken a bone in the past 12 months
  12. has been to the African continent
  13. has 3 dogs
  14. was born on the 22nd of a month
  15. is wearing a bandaid right now
  16. has a mom that’s a school teacher
  17. is in the Once Upon A Time, Harry Potter & 1D fandoms
  18. plays the piano
  19. owns a sombrero
  20. has a father that is bald
  21. has been to a concert this month
  22. has met a celebrity 
  23. has Anne or Elizabeth in their name
  24. has been to see 2 (or more) movies at the cinema this month
  25. was born on a day ending in a 3 or a 6
  26. graduates high school in 2014
  27. lives at the beach
  28. is currently in a college dorm room
  29. ships Prince Harry and Taylor Swift
  30. talked to both their mom and grandmother today

The idea of this project is to get to know people in the fandom. So reach out to someone and see what you can learn about them!

Here is the somewhat completed Fandom Directory. As always, I’m here for questions :)

This is such a cool idea!

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Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony in Manchester (2002)

Apparently a stray balloon came by and Sophie hits it and then it hits the Queen.

Her face is PRICELESS

I always laugh at this.  Sophie’s face is hilarious.  The other three don’t even seem to notice though, that’s the best bit.

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18 April 2014: HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco received within the Monte- Carlo Rolex Masters , held from April 12 to 20, 2014 , an autographed bat Roger Federer , the man with 17 Grand Slam titles , semifinalist Tournament following his victory obtained a few minutes before face Jo -Wilfried Tsonga .

On this occasion, Zeljko Franulovic , Tournament Director and Philippe Rialland , Deputy Director, He also presented the autographed racquets offered by the first two players in the ATP : Rafael Nadal (No. 1) and Novak Djokovic (No. 2).

These racquets will be available at a later auction organized for the benefit of Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation , whose mission is to promote sport as vector education and development for children . Its primary objective is to save lives by fighting against drowning. The Foundation has set itself the mission to alert public opinion to the dangers of water. Many ” Water Safety ” and ” Learn to Swim ” programs are organized around the world to educate children and teach them to swim.

Source: Foundation Princess Charlene de Monaco FB page

17 April 2014: Prince Albert II attended the opening of the TOPS Marques Event in Monaco

Photo: Palace Princier


Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh attend the Royal Maundy Service at Blackburn Cathedral on April 17, 2014 in Blackburn, England.

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Princess Charlène of Monaco posing for Hola magazine.

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[[Post by Adrielle]]

"I don’t believe Kate when she said during the engagement interview that she would have loved to met Diana. I think Kate’s quite happy not to have a mother-in-law, especially a mother-in-law who had a great work ethic and most likely would still be doing more for charity than Kate ever has or will." - Submitted by Anonymous


Princess Eugenie and Beatrice of York. 90s.

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The Duke of Cambridge and The Duchess of Cambridge arrive in Winmalee for their visit to the Blue Moutains, April 17th 2014.

Copyright: Getty Images

LOVE when she wears wrap dresses!

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